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April 11th, 2008, seetharam

I updated wallpapers section with the following images. All of them were taken in Southern California. Enjoy!

Brown Pelican Preening, La Jolla Cliffs

Male Wood Duck, Santee Lakes

Brown Pelican, La Jolla Cliffs

Black-bellied Plover, Newport Beach

Marbled Godwit, Newport Beach

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April 9th, 2008, seetharam

Terns arrived here for breeding. I stopped by at tern colony in Huntington Beach this evening to check out the activity. It was quite noisy out there. Tide was low. Terns were feeding. It was thrill to watch these birds.

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Southwest images

April 8th, 2008, seetharam

I am getting ready to photograph southwest again. Thought of sharing couple of images from last trip. They were taken at monument valley, Utah. I love photographing southwest.

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Snow Goose Migration and Blackbirds

April 7th, 2008, seetharam

Here are couple of images from Cibola located in the floodplain of the lower Colorado River in Sonoran desert. Winter is the best time to visit this area. It reaches 120 degrees in summer here. Thousands of Snow geese, Canada geese and sandhill cranes stop by here in winter. I live about 175 miles west of this place and often photograph here.

Snow Goose Migration
Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

Blackbirds Landing

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

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Nature Arts Calendar 2009

April 6th, 2008, seetharam

I just completed designing calendar for 2009 with 14 of my beautiful images on individual pages. Calendar will be available in 13″ x 19″ size with high quality. This project is primarily designed for my corporate clients. Also several copies will be available on wall calendars page at by October 2008 for a very reasonable price.

Here are few pages for your reference.

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Great Kiskadee

April 5th, 2008, seetharam

Great Kiskadee is an instantly recognizable largest flycatcher. I have had a pleasure of watching and photographing this elusive bird closely at Martin’s Ranch in Edinburg, South Texas. Thanks to wonderful people John and Audrey for their southern hospitality and giving me opportunity for watching this bird. I have had an opportunity to watch and photograph many other Texas varieties like western kingbird, brown thrasher, painted bunting, ground dove and many more which I have not processed yet.

Great Kiskadee, South Texas

I had a pleasure meeting famous outdoor writer Dr. Robert Fulton. Thank you professor for signed copy of your “Swamp Drifter“. I just finished reading it. It is just wonderful. I have learned a lot from it.

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Northern Shoveler and more wallpapers

April 5th, 2008, seetharam

I had a close opportunity last night with a Northern Shovler. I was setup to capture shorebirds from the ground. This neat looking shoveler just flew right infront of my lens. That was a thrilling experience. Also had an opportunity to photograph Whimbrel very close from the ground.

Northern Shovler, Southern California

Whimbrel, Southern California

Sandhill Cranes landing, Cibola NWR, Arizona

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Texas Wildlife

April 4th, 2008, seetharam

Texas is my favorite spring destination for wildlife photography. I have extensively travelled through the state in 2007. I would like to thank my friend and a native Texan Mr. Dennis Fehler for all his help and guidance while I was travelling in the state. Being born and raised in Texas, Dennis has learned most about his home state. Mr. Fehler is a Harvard graduate in Landscape Architecture, a true nature lover and a musician ( ). I have had a pleasure working with him for several years on various projects in the past.

Here are some spring images I have captured in 2007.

Cattle Egret, South Texas

Nesting Egrets, Upper Texas Coast
Royal Terns, South Texas

Scarlet Tanager, Upper Texas Coast

Northern Cardinal, South Texas

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A day in Sonoran Desert

March 30th, 2008, seetharam

I had a pleasure spending a day in extreme southern California desert. My interest was to photograph a male Burrowing Owl in its complete breeding plumage. It was a typical warm sunny California day. Water holes were active with the wildlife in the desert.

With few hours of driving, I have spotted a Burrowing Owl nest. I have noticed a male peeking out every few seconds to defend its territory and breeding. I have decided to get down on the dirt with tripod set to very low. I was shooting with Canon 600 IS lens and Canon EOS 5D with 1.4 tele converter. As I have decent reach with long lens, I distanced myself enough not to disturb the bird and its breeding activity.

After 3 hours of wait, the male came out with its typical “who who” call. Very soon I realized that it is trying to defend the territory. I did not want disturb him any longer. So, I grabbed few shots and moved on to photograph other birds.

It was quite a thrilling experience. Here are couple of wallpapers from the session.

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Bosque del Apache Wallpapers

March 26th, 2008, seetharam

I finally had a time to process images from my Bosque del Apache, New Mexico trip this past winter. Burrowing Owl and Mule deer images were taken at Cibola National Wildlife Reguge on the way back to home. My sincere thanks to Cibola Refuge staff Robert & Betty Davenport for all their help at the refuge.

I wanted to do a wallpaper that display the concept of my website. I finally finished it today.

Burrowing Owl, Cibola, Arizona.

Sandhill Cranes landing, Bosque, New Mexico

Snow Geese landing, Bosque, New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes landing, Bosque, New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes mating rituals, Bosque, New Mexico

Snow Geese, Bosque, New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes, Bosque, New Mexico

Mule Deer, Cibola NWR, Arizona

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