The San Bernardino County Museum Exhibit

November 3rd, 2011, seetharam

Happy to announce that two dozens of my images will be part of the life time exhibit with World 5th largest bird egg collector, The San Bernardino County Museum. Opening to the public on 18th evening.

The museum’s ornithology collection holds approximately 148,000 bird skins, bird eggs, live mounts, and osteological specimens. The bird egg collection is the fifth largest in the world. It was amassed mostly between 1910 and 1940 by Wilson C. Hanna, an oologist (collector of bird eggs) and a loose army of private collectors , with a handful of practitioners persisting until 1960. The collection has world-wide components. Eugene A. Cardiff, Emeritus Curator of Biological Science Division was instrumental in developing, and curating this significant collection into the 1990s.

The bird skin research collection holdings are approximately 48,000 with material from throughout North America with a major portion of the collection representing western North America. The Biological Science division also maintains more than 1000 live mount birds.

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