Brown Booby

September 26th, 2010, seetharam

Photographed this Brown Booby at Salton Sea, Southern California the other day.

Brown Booby
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A day in Sonoran Desert

March 30th, 2008, seetharam

I had a pleasure spending a day in extreme southern California desert. My interest was to photograph a male Burrowing Owl in its complete breeding plumage. It was a typical warm sunny California day. Water holes were active with the wildlife in the desert.

With few hours of driving, I have spotted a Burrowing Owl nest. I have noticed a male peeking out every few seconds to defend its territory and breeding. I have decided to get down on the dirt with tripod set to very low. I was shooting with Canon 600 IS lens and Canon EOS 5D with 1.4 tele converter. As I have decent reach with long lens, I distanced myself enough not to disturb the bird and its breeding activity.

After 3 hours of wait, the male came out with its typical “who who” call. Very soon I realized that it is trying to defend the territory. I did not want disturb him any longer. So, I grabbed few shots and moved on to photograph other birds.

It was quite a thrilling experience. Here are couple of wallpapers from the session.

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