Southwest 2011 Winter

November 18th, 2011, seetharam

Just got back from 2500 mile drive, covering California, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

7 days of hiking in Navajo, Apache countries, Sandia Mountains, Colorado river, San Juan river and Rio Grande floodplains.

More images can be seen on What’s new gallery.

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Bosque del Apache Wallpapers

March 26th, 2008, seetharam

I finally had a time to process images from my Bosque del Apache, New Mexico trip this past winter. Burrowing Owl and Mule deer images were taken at Cibola National Wildlife Reguge on the way back to home. My sincere thanks to Cibola Refuge staff Robert & Betty Davenport for all their help at the refuge.

I wanted to do a wallpaper that display the concept of my website. I finally finished it today.

Burrowing Owl, Cibola, Arizona.

Sandhill Cranes landing, Bosque, New Mexico

Snow Geese landing, Bosque, New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes landing, Bosque, New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes mating rituals, Bosque, New Mexico

Snow Geese, Bosque, New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes, Bosque, New Mexico

Mule Deer, Cibola NWR, Arizona

Please check Wallpapers section of for download.

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